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Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Thursday, 4 December 2014 06:49 by ivan

Colorful decorations, tasty sweet treats, and marathons of feel good classic movies to curl up under a blanket and watch makes for a wonderful time of the year, but as wonderful as the Holiday Season can be, lets face it, it can quickly spiral into the nightmare before Christmas. From driving around the parking garage at your local mall five times looking for somewhere to park, or waiting in line for 20 minutes only to realize that you forgot to grab something else you needed, not to mention the hassle of figuring out what to get that one impossible person to shop for on your list (we all have one, maybe even two), it’s no wonder how the Holidays can be a little exhausting.

But don’t fret because there’s still hope of enjoying a stress reduced Holiday Season. Each year I’m finding that more and more of my Holiday shopping is getting done online, and I’m not the only one either, This Cyber Monday it was estimated that 127 million people would be shopping online and 1 out of 3 would be using mobile devices to do so according to the National Retail Federation. And why not! When you think about it, shopping online pretty much eliminates the hassles of Holiday Shopping, you get to avoid the long annoying DMV like lines, you don’t have to search for parking like it’s the last page of a Where’s Waldo Book, and some businesses (like on Amazon) will even gift wrap your purchase before delivering it to your doorstep, all accomplished while lounging on your couch with your favorite Star Wars snuggie sipping a warm cup of I’M AWESOME coco with marshmallows that look like snowflakes (or snowman, whatever floats your marshmallow).

Be that as it may, don’t expect your local shopping centers to start closing down anytime soon, as with anything in life this process is not perfect and does have its draw backs. For starters, we recommend avoiding purchasing cloths online since you don’t really get to try them on before buying them and returning an item that doesn’t fit can be a bit of a hassle as well a lengthy turnaround time, make sure you take into consideration shipping time which makes last minute shopping impossible without dropping some serious bitcoins on next day shipping, and of course looks can be deceiving when judging color and sizes by a picture online in comparison to in person.  


But even with all of the previously mentioned con’s, shopping online is a growing trend that is here to stay so sit back, pop open your laptop or fire up your tablet and begin leisurely crossing people off your shopping list one by one while avoiding over extending yourself this Holiday Season!

PHX Int. Airport Now Offers Discounted Pre-Paid Parking Options Online

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 01:57 by Admin

Airport Parking Connection is excited to announce its newest partnership with  Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport! The Phoenix Airport is one of the top 10 busiest airports in the U.S. as well the 27th busiest in the world serving over 40 Million passengers each year. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, PHX is now  one of the first major airports in the U.S. to not only offer its customers(no apostrophe) onsite airport parking via pre-paid online reservations, but    to discount their terminal garage parking nearly 50% off the daily drive up rate with a pre-payment.  

Phoenix Sky Harbor’s forward thinking offers its customers both convenience and savings. By partnering with Airport Parking Connection, PHX Airport has created an easy to find and use reservation process by implementing APC’s reservation system directly onto their website with amazing discounts to help kick this new partnership off with a BANG! So hurry and join in on the savings and convenience by booking parking for your upcoming trip out of Phoenix Airport at:


If you are curious which terminal you should book parking reservations for based on the airline you are flying , try PHX’s find a spot program to find the best up to date parking options and availability based on your needs -truly another shining example of the Phoenix Airport’s creative thinking and exceptional customer service.

You may also reference the airline by terminal list for the Phoenix Sky Harbor Int. Airport below:

Terminal 2:

-          Alaska Airlines

-          Great Lakes Airlines

-          United Airlines

Terminal 3:

-          Hawaiian Airlines

-          Sun Country Airlines

-          Jet Blue Airlines

-          Spirit Airlines

Terminal 4:

-          American Airlines

-          British Airlines

-          Southwest Airlines

-          US Airways Airlines

-          West Jet Airlines

-          Aero Mexico Airlines

-          Air Canada Airlines

-          Delta Airlines

-          Frontier Airlines

-          Volaris Airlines



The Return of Quik Park Los Angeles

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 02:20 by Admin

Attention LAX APC fans, Quik Park Los Angeles is opening its doors for business again! Quik Park is currently accepting new reservations for their brand spanking new garage located closer to the airport than ever before at the Radisson Airport Hotel located at 6200 West 98th street, Los Angeles CA, 90045 just a couple blocks from LAX. If a brand new clean garage located close to the airport wasn’t enough, Quik Park is planning to install some state of the art equipment that will help make you, the customer’s total experience an easy and enjoyable one!  

Happy and Safe Travels APC Fan's!

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APC Customer Loyalty Rewards Progam

Monday, 7 April 2014 06:25 by ivan

Hey there fellow APC fans! It's been almost a year now since we introduced our customer loyalty reward program in case you didn't know, or maybe just forgot (I know I have trouble keeping track of all the reward programs I'm enrolled in) so we wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone. There's no special enrollment necessary, you are automatically enrolled when you open an APC account, if you don’t already have an APC account you can create one during your next purchase on the check-out page located at the bottom of the page below the payment info section.

Here's how it works, whenever you book a reservation be sure to sign into your user account on the top right hand corner of our home page, then book your reservation as you would normally and your points  will automatically be added to your account! It's that simple.

To check your point balance, log into your user account (top right hand corner of our homepage) then click on that same button again and your user account options will appear on the bottom half of the page. From there, click on the “APC rewards” tab followed by a click on the “track points” tab and presto, you have your account balance with options to redeem points for gift cards to iTunes, Amazon, or Starbucks.

The point redemption scale is as follows:

- 50 points for a $5 gift card

- 150 points for a $15 gift card

- 250 points for a $25 gift card

To any one of the three businesses you desire.

To help boost your points even more, log into your account like you would if you wanted to check your account balance but instead of clicking “Track Points” you will click “Social Points” (points can only be tracked from this page) and from here you can Like us on Facebook, +1 us on Google+, Like our LinkedIn business page, follow us on Twitter, or tell your friends about our reward program by sharing it with them on Facebook or Twitter, or if you’re really in a social butterfly mood, do all of them and get even more points.

Don't let your hard earned points go to waste APC Fans! Log-in to your user account today to check your account balance, you never know, today could be the day you get your first redemption.

For a limited time only, send us an email to with the subject line: “APC customer loyalty reward blog article” and we'll add 20 points to your account to get you on the way to your next redemption.



Happy and Safe Travels APC Fans, and thanks for your continued loyalty! 

iPods, Tablets, and Cell-Phones Oh My!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 07:35 by ivan

As you may or may not know, in October of 2013 the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) lifted its age old ban on the use of electronics during take-off, mid-flight, landing as well taxing on runways. The reason for the change of heart was in light of recent evidence that proved the use of portable electronics not transmitting radio signals as they do when sending emails or text messages, do not interfere with the airlines on-board navigation and communication equipment as many previously thought it did.  This means that you will now be allowed to use your tablets, reading devices such as kindles, iPods, and yes, even your cell-phones so long as they are on airplane mode.

Although the FAA lifted its ban on the use of portable electronic devices during flights, the ban on cell-phone use for emails, text messages, internet use, as well phone calls remains in place. This ban is regulated by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and is still being debated to determine the future of inflight cell phone use. Just last Wednesday, the FCC began the first of two proposed 30 day comment periods that are open the public to weigh in their opinions on lifting the ban on inflight cell phone use during commercial flights, and believe it or not, the majority of people are not in support of removing the ban. Many people fear that lifting the ban that has been in place since 1991 will make flights unbearable since passengers will be forced to listen to the conversations of those around them, many taking the stance that flights should be treated like the movie theater and eliminate as many disruptive distractions as possible for the sake of others sharing the same cabin space during their travels.

If you have an opinion that you would like heard by the FCC with regard to this matter, follow the link below to the FCC’s public comment page: