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APC Now Accepts International Credit Cards!

Friday, 28 January 2011 06:34 by Mandy
Airport Parking Connection is proud to announce a new feature for the website!  We now accept International Credit Cards!  If you are flying out of Detroit DTW, and live in Ontario, you can now book parking online at APC with ease!  Quick Reminder - In the field that asks for "State/Province", please only use two letters to designate!  For example, Ontario users please enter "ON".  


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Happy Parkings!

Airport Parking vs. Offsite Airport Parking

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 03:09 by Mandy
Whether you’re a frequent traveler or you just fly once in a blue moon, it’s easy to overlook parking. With so many other things to remember – from packing your suitcases to reviewing TSA rules – it’s no wonder that some things get neglected.

To be better prepared in the future, take a moment to consider your options. Here, in no particular order, are the pros and cons of airport parking versus offsite parking.

On the one hand, you know exactly where you need to go to park at an airport. There’s no question where the parking lot is, so no pre-planning or thinking is necessary. You can get in your car and drive on automatic pilot to the airport.

The other benefit is that airport parking is generally in close proximity to your terminal (though not always). If you’re in a hurry, your parking space is never too far from the building. The lot is generally pretty secure, though you still need to take smart precautions, like removing your GPS unit from your dash.

However, some of the negatives with airport parking may diminish the positives. There are no guarantees with airport parking – you may arrive, only to find out that all of the lots are full. Many busy airports run out of spaces, so the situation can be rather unpredictable.

Some fliers have also noted that airport parking shuttles can be very slow, and sluggish service is not what you want when you’re running behind. 

One of the biggest cons is the price. Airport parking can quickly eat into your travel budget and take the fun out of travelling. The convenience comes at a cost.

The downside to offsite airport parking is that you need to re-calibrate your thinking a bit. Making reservations online requires some planning and consideration. 

However, if you have the foresight to make your reservations ahead of time, your foresight will give you total peace of mind and pay off financially in a big way. You’ll guarantee yourself a spot, so that you won’t have any last-minute headaches. It’s easier than ever to secure a spot online.

Some travelers find offsite parking more expedient, citing the faster shuttle service. If you’ve got heavy luggage, the shuttle will carry it for you, so that you don’t have to physically drag your suitcases a half-mile to the terminal building or a shuttle stop. If the weather’s chilly, it’s nice to know that you’ll be in a cozy shuttle from your parking spot to the terminal. If you’re in a real time crunch, you can select valet parking, so that you don’t even have to park your own car.

You’ll also appreciate the enhanced 24-hour security at off-airport parking lots. Because this is their livelihood, private parking lot owners don’t want to lose customers because of security issues. 

For most fliers, the major advantage to offsite parking is the savings. You’ll find discount parking rates by reserving your spot ahead of time. You can pocket the savings and buy something you really want while on your vacation or trip.  Check out to find the cheapest rates and reserve your spot ahead of time.  Whether you are flying out of JFKEWRLAXLGAMDW, or ORD, you will save time and money by booking online. 

Getting Through LAX Airport Security Quickly and Effortlessly

Monday, 17 January 2011 03:04 by Mandy
Flying used to be exciting. You could grab your heavy suitcase (Free of charge), get through security in a flash, walk to the terminal, carry your cold can of Coca-Cola on the plane, and enjoy your flight.  Boy, how times have changed! Now it's suggested that you get to the airport three hours before your flight leaves, and there are so many rules about what you can and cannot pack. How on Earth can anyone be expected to have a good time on a flight anymore? Flying the skies doesn't have to be stressful. While getting through security might not be fun, it can be easier.
First of all, gone are the days when you could get through airline security with your contact solution and shampoo in their regular-sized bottles. If you want to avoid having your solution, shampoo, and other toiletries thrown into the trash on the day of your flight, invest in 3.4 ounce bottles and transfer your liquids into those. Then, put them in a zip-lock bag for safe keeping. If you have a toiletry bag, stow the zip-lock bag inside of it.
One of the most important things that you can do to make your walk through security easy is to dress comfortably. You might be on your way to a professional conference in Dallas, or a swanky wedding in St. Louis, but you don't have to dress to the nine's to fly. Wear slip-on shoes (Don't forget your socks! You don't want to step on that dirty airport floor!), and avoid wearing a belt. Belts can cause the scanner to go off, setting you and other passengers back a few minutes. Forget the jewelry too. Put any jewelry you want to take with you in your carry-on or suitcase.
If you're taking electronics with you on that trip, you'll need to specially prepare those for the voyage too. Put all electronics that you don’t want in your carry-on in between layers of clothing in your suitcase, so that they are protecting from being jostled around. If your laptop is going on the plane with you, make sure you place a label on it for the ride through security.
Moreover, keep in mind that some things you think will be permitted on an airplane are not. Getting caught with these things in the security line will only cause more of your time to be wasted. What are some of those things?
If you're a smoker, common lighters are allowed. Torch type lighters, such as some butane lighters, are not allowed, but can be checked in your luggage.
Wearing gel insoles in your shoes for added comfort during those walks through the airport? Take those out before you leave home! They aren’t allowed on airplanes.
Bringing your sewing kit on your trip, just in case one of your outfits rips? Think again. Small scissors and other sharp objects are not allowed on the plane.
While getting through the airport to your destination may be a hassle, your airport parking doesn’t have to be if you prepare ahead of time.  Try an online airport parking reservation website like that will allow you to reserve your parking before you arrive at the airport.  Find great deals at discounted rates with off-airport parking facilities featured.  Anything from LAX parkingJFK parkingLGA airport parkingPhilly airport parkingMidway airport parking, to O’Hare airport parking can be found online!  

APC Welcomes Valet Connections/Comfort Inn of Detroit DTW Airport!

Thursday, 13 January 2011 06:34 by Mandy

As of Friday, January 14th, APC has expanded to a new airport!  If you are flying out of the Detroit Metro Airport(DTW), you can now find and reserve airport parking for Valet Connections/Comfort Inn.  Valet Connections has many services to offer!  You can find a low rate of only $6.50/day, free shuttles run every hour and 1/2 hour, and open 24 hrs.  Check out their new listing and use code "TWITTER" for an additional 10% off!  Save yourself, time, money, and stress!  Book online now!

San Park Pacific Highway! New to APC!

Monday, 10 January 2011 06:35 by Mandy

Hello again all APC Parkers!  As the new year is underway we are continuing to grow with new locations, airports, and features.  For all those searching for San Diego Airport Parking, look no further!  Airport Parking Connection has a new facility listed, San Park Pacific Highway.  Located only 2.5 mi away from San Diego International AirportSan Park is open 24 hrs a day for self parking options and will only cost you $10.00 currently a day.  Check out this new location, and use promo code "TWITTER" to save an additional 10% off!