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APC's GiltCity San Diego Airport Parking Deal Starts Thursday!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 07:34 by Mandy

Get ready to save 50% off a 3 day airport parking reservation courtesy of Airport Parking Connection on for the Park & Go San Diego facility!  Deal starts 1/12/12 and will run for 7 days.  Don't miss out if you want to find a great deal on San Diego International Airport parking!  

San Diego's Park Shuttle & Fly Now on APC

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 05:58 by Mandy

Love using San Diego's own Park Shuttle & Fly when flying out of San Diego International Airport?  You can now get their same great service with an incredible deal by reserving your next airport parking on Airport Parking Connection.  At only $10 a day, you can get close and easy access to flying out of Lindbergh Field.  "Located in Middletown just minutes from the San Diego International Airport, San Diego's Park, Shuttle & Fly offers your best value for overnight and long-term parking. Whether you are getting away for vacation, or fly for a living, we have exactly what you are looking for.  Our facility is among the safest and most secure lots in California, and our friendly staff is here 24 hours a day to do whatever they can to make your experience trouble free. Our rate is among the lowest available, and we offer 24 hour shuttle access to the terminals.  Give SD Park, Shuttle and Fly a try. You’ll be glad you did!"  For more information stop by Airport Parking Connection and check out what San Diego Park Shuttle & Fly can offer you!

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How to Organize a Fun Family Vacation

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 04:42 by Mandy

Traveling with family is a fun way for everyone to see a new place and to experience things together. Family vacations have come a long way, as more parents are taking their children to exotic locations and places that in the past most kids did not go to. Whether you are planning a European vacation or a camping trip in the mountains of Montana, you need to know how to organize your family trip to maximize your fun and minimize drama.

•Choose a Vacation Everyone Will Enjoy

You may want to go shopping in Paris, while your spouse wants to hit the ski slopes in Vail and your kids want to go to Disneyworld. How can all of you come together to select a place that everyone will have fun at? The best thing to do when opinions differ widely is to select one of these destinations, yet make plans to go to the other two spots in the future. If you decide to go to Disneyworld, then your next trip can be dad’s ski vacation and the next can be your shopping spree in Europe. As everyone knows, family togetherness often relies on willingness to compromise. 

•Make a Tentative Itinerary

Without an itinerary, you could end up missing out on things that you truly want to do. Have everyone come up with at least one thing that tops their list of things to do on your vacation. Make sure that you incorporate everyone’s favorites into your plans. Leave plenty of space in the itinerary for downtime and for doing things that no one even thought of. The plans should be very loose, as no one wants to spend an entire trip chained to their watches. Having a plan does allow you to give your days some structure and order, which is very important so that you all do not spend the vacation lying on the couch.

•Schedule all Travel Plans

Scheduling travel is essential to a smooth family vacation. You need to know how you are getting from point A to point B, where you will park, whether you will rent a car, and so on. If traveling to a big city and you want to rent a car, ensure that you contact the hotel to find out how much overnight parking will be. It may be cheaper to find a different parking lot for your rental car that is near your hotel. Researching these details ahead of time will save you a lot of money and time that could be spent having fun on the vacation.

As far as airport parking goes, you have a number of options available to you. For a very long vacation, you may consider arranging for someone to drop you off and pick you up. You can also arrange for reserved parking and can pay for this ahead of time with Airport Parking Connection. Self-parking will be your cheapest option, but you will want to allow plenty of time prior to your flight for getting parked and making your way into the airport for example if you plan to reserve for Bradley Airport Parking and flying out of Hartford.


APC's GiltCity SFO Airport Parking Deal Starts 1/9/12

Wednesday, 4 January 2012 05:58 by Mandy

Get ready to save 50% off a 3 day airport parking reservation courtesy of Airport Parking Connection on for the QuikParkSFO facility!  Deal starts 1/9/12 and will run for 7 days.  Don't miss out if you want to find a great deal on San Francisco International Airport parking!  

Top California Trends for Travel this Year Include Specialty Travel Experiences

Wednesday, 4 January 2012 05:16 by Mandy

Taking a vacation is the ultimate way to clear your head after months of working non-stop, to reconnect with family or friends, and to experience something new and different from your everyday life. Many people today are taking part in a travel trend that offers vacationers a unique experience. Specialty travel experiences are near the top of the list for traveling trends this past year and are expected to stay popular for many more years to come.

What are Specialty Travel Experiences?

This type of vacation is based around a special experience, such as a yoga retreat or a winery tour. Many of these vacations are carefully planned by a tour group or by the retreat leader, which means the stress of planning is taken off of the traveler’s shoulders.

Top Specialty Travel Vacations to Take

Some of the most coveted trips of this style include:

•Culinary and Wine Tours

Many people are trying culinary and wine tours, where they visit various wineries in a specific area and try different wines. They also go to restaurants and sample local, freshly made fare. Often the emphasis is on natural, fresh foods and high quality, organic wines. Usually the tour director will select the wineries and restaurants and will schedule every aspect of the trip so that the travelers do not have to.

•Adventure Sports Tours

Many places are now offering adventure sports vacations. These are great for anyone who loves a good adrenaline rush. Often the adventure sports featured include white water rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, sky diving and many more activities. 

•Spas and Retreats

Spas and retreats offer a relaxing and pampering vacation. These allow vacationers to enjoy natural serenity, while also receiving treatments such as facials, massages and other treatments for health and wellness. They often serve healthful, nutritious foods and many people leave these vacations feeling lighter and healthier.

•Cycling Trips

As the popularity of cycling grows, more group cycling trips are popping up all over the country. These trips feature interesting trails and roads through beautiful areas that offer a unique bike riding experience. Trips are available for all skill levels, so that everyone can enjoy these vacations. These vacations range from rugged, mountainous cycling experiences to road biking on long and winding roads.

No matter what your interests, you will be able to find a specialty destination vacation that fits in with your lifestyle and your hobbies. Many of these trips do not offer transportation, so you will need to plan how you will get to these sites. If you will be flying out of LAX, make sure to choose your flight within two months or so of the trip, depending on when the vacation is. Plan for how you will find LAX parking or reserve your LAX airport parking on Airport Parking Connection to avoid any parking hassles. You can opt to prepay online for parking, self-park, pay for valet parking, or purchase reserved parking. All can work and will help you to get to LAX and your specialty vacation experience smoothly.