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Getting Through the Holidays without a Tow or Ticket: Long Term Parking in San Francisco

Wednesday, 3 October 2012 03:47 by Mandy

Parking in San Francisco is enough of a headache already. Holiday parking? Pass the Aspirin, please. Inspired by public outcry on social media networks for solutions to holiday parking woes, APC has decided to step in and help. This article will guide you through this chaotic time of year and get you through the holidays without having to spend the New Year disputing parking tickets or dealing with impound lots. Long term parking in cities like San Francisco can be done quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank.


It’s crunch time for holiday travel. Millions of Americans across the country will be flying to hundreds of airports, spanning thousands of miles – all in the matter of a few months. It’s a stressful time for everyone involved, and often times people are so focused on their flights being in order that they forget what they’re going to do with their cars.


 In major metropolitan areas like San Francisco, thousands of apartment owners aren’t blessed with the luxury of a reserved parking spot. The parking meter enforcers in San Francisco work on most holidays, and even in cities where Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are free, all of the days surrounding the holidays are fair game. With holiday travels often spending a week or more out of the cities the live in, street parking is simply not an option.

So what do you with your car when you’re flying back east to see the family?


We couldn’t help but notice how many times this question gets asked when we’re on Quora or Twitter, so let’s discuss a couple options:


Many people’s first thought runs to Craigslist is a massive online community that allows you to post classified ads, completely free, for just about anything - from job postings to selling old furniture. Many people rent parking spaces and chances are you’ll find a couple options in your respective neighborhood. However, you do run a bit of a risk when dealing with this free service. As much as we believe that people are inherently friendly and good natured, you don’t know exactly who you’re dealing with. Finding long term parking with Craigslist runs the risk of being overcharged for a spot that has no security and no real guarantee that the spot will be available for you in the first place. With no receipt, order confirmation, or security – is it really worth it?


There’s a lot of things that can go awry and cast a dark cloud over your happy holiday, and we would certainly hate for it to be a mishap related to parking. We believe using airport parking facilities is the best way to counteract these potential problems. Airport parking lots provide long term parking in a secure area, away from the street and often monitored through the day and night. Reservations can booked online for discounted rates, and just like the flights – the earlier you book, the better.  


Your holiday experience should be enjoyable and stress free. You work too hard throughout the year to have your time off tainted by a ticket, tow, or under-the-table parking spot fiasco. Treat yourself to a stress free holiday by booking a long term parking reservation online and saving time and hassle at the airport.


A quick search yields pricing options that are just as good, or even better than anything you’d find on Craigslist. Look here: San Francisco Airport Parking.

Saving and Budgeting for Your Next Vacation

Tuesday, 2 October 2012 02:01 by Mandy

Many families today are on a tight budget, and they might believe that the idea of a vacation is out the window. It doesn’t have to be that way. What you might want to do if you do not have as much money for your vacations is find ways that you can budget and save leading up to the vacation so it isn’t such a financial burden all at once. The following are some tips that might be able to help some families get to the point where they can still take their vacation when the time comes.

Cull the Number of Vacations

How often do you and the family take vacations each year, and how long are those vacations? Some families will take two to three vacations a year. Others will go on one long holiday for two to three weeks. It might not be practical to do this for people who are on a budget. You have to be able to get back to work, and you have to make sure that you will have enough money to pay for the vacation. Instead of taking an extra long vacation or taking several vacations a year, you may want to take just a single vacation. Doing this will still let you have the time you need to relax, unwind, and enjoy your family, but it should not break the bank.

Save Each Week

One of the mistakes that many families make and that they pay for throughout the year is that they simply put their entire vacation on their credit cards. Even if you have a low interest rate, you are still going to be paying interest on your vacation. This means that in reality, the vacation is costing more than you thought it would, and you are probably going to be paying on it all the way until your next vacation when you can just add more debt to your credit card.

Something that you might want to do instead is offset the amount that you are spending on credit by using cash for some of your vacation needs. For example, if you put away just $20 per week, and your significant other did the same, you would have $160 per week saved or $1920 per year if taking an annual vacation. This means that you could put that money that you save toward your vacation and pay for things such as the airfare, the hotel, or the meals. That’s with just $20 per week! If you saved a bit more and cut back on some of the things that you really do not need, then you could probably pay for just about your entire vacation.

Think Practically

When you are planning your vacation, think practically. You can save some money by finding places to stay that have their own kitchens. Eat some of your meals at the hotel or in the cottage so that you do not have to spend money eating out. Little things like this can make a vacation far more affordable.


Carmageddon 2012 is the Perfect Excuse to Enjoy a Relaxing Southern California Weekend

Thursday, 27 September 2012 00:32 by Mandy

Cue the “Jaws” theme music. Carmageddon is back. The city of Los Angeles is closing a 10-mile length of Interstate 405 from 7pm on Friday, September 8th, until 5am the following Monday morning. One of the busiest and most frequently gridlocked highways will be shut down, leaving hundreds of thousands of drivers to fend for themselves in finding alternative routes around the overpopulated city. Here at APC, we ask the residents of LA: is this a blessing in disguise?

The city of Los Angeles has been synonymous with overcrowding, overpopulation, and worst of all: traffic. This blog writer has spent 4 years fighting beltway traffic on Interstate 495, just outside of Washington DC, and nothing could’ve prepared me for the time that I’ve spent in LA. I thought I was pretty clever when I timed my drive through downtown LA at 1am on my way home from Ventura, but apparently 10,000 other drivers had the same idea. I was swamped.

                For this coming weekend, it’s only going to get worse - or will it?

                Residents everywhere are gearing up for the second year of the infamous Carmageddon. Food is flying off of the shelves in supermarkets faster than it would the night before a hurricane, and once again, people expect to be trapped in their homes for a few days.  

                This is a bad thing, right? Maybe not. Weekends are commonly just as stressful as the work week, if not more so. I personally feel the pressure every weekend to spend my “free” time accomplishing a project around the house, or bouncing all over the city, trying to cram as many friends and as much fun into a 24 hour day as possible. Often times you spend the entire weekend worrying about making the weekend a justifiable reward to how hard you worked during the week.

                This is the weekend where you put all of those worries aside. Forget about taking 3 trips to Home Depot to fix the shelves in the kitchen cabinets – that’s for next weekend. This isn’t the dreaded SoCal rolling blackouts. In fact, Angelenos will find themselves with all of the amenities that their place of residence normally provides, along with some time to actually enjoy them for a change. Hang around the house with your family. Catch up on some sleep. Give your parents a call (we know you’ve been meaning to). Eat well, sit back with a drink in the sun, and have some good conversation with those that you care about. This “staycation” might be exactly what the doctor ordered to get your head on straight. Chances are, all of those things you HAVE to do this weekend will be there next weekend.

“Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering”. Do you know who said that? That’s right. Winnie the Pooh.

We’ve got a lot to learn from those little guys. Maybe I’ll spend the weekend lounging on the couch, re-watching some of my childhood cartoons. After all, I’ve got nothing to do this weekend. 

Accidental Exploration of Oakland: A Beautiful Discovery

Wednesday, 19 September 2012 03:18 by Mandy
The beautiful bridges spanning across the world famous San Francisco Bay are one of the most recognizable manmade landmarks in the world. While San Francisco is a famously happening metropolitan area, many of the city’s guests don’t consider what a short drive across the bay can offer. We encourage you to venture over the bay bridge, on purpose or by accident, to see how dynamic the bay area truly is!
                The first time I visited San Francisco, I was on a Trans-American tour of the country in my father’s Honda sedan. We left Connecticut, and drove west to San Francisco. Upon arrival, we were wide-eyed with mouths agape. The sights and locations that San Francisco offers are completely overwhelming. Similarly to my experiences in New York: if you don’t know the secrets gems, you’re only experiencing 10% of the city. Fortunately, travel blogs and twitter feeds have unearthed many of the city’s buried beauties and will help you break free of Fisherman’s Wharf Syndrome.
                However, since we were on the road so much, and with the complete freedom that the Honda gave us– we found ourselves completely enamored by the bridges. Certainly, everyone needs to drive over the Golden Gate, but what happens when you’re visiting SF and find yourself on the other side of the bay bridge with a couple hours to kill? Do you turn around and do another tour of the Ghirardelli factory? Of course not, that’s why we’re here to help!
                Oakland travel websites have extensively covered how to make the most out of a trip to Oakland, but we’re going to narrow it down a little bit. This is for people, like me, wandered across the bridge and finding myself with a couple hours and a city I knew nothing about. Here are some ideas for quick entertainment and sightseeing:
Jack London Square (@JackLondonSq) – If you’ve never been to Oakland, Jack London Square should be your first stop. It’s the main waterfront entertainment and dining area in Oakland and is the perfect stop for a quick walkabout to stretch those cramped car legs. Not driving? Check out Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon for something strong!
The Crucible (@TheCrucible) – SF isn’t the only bay area city with culture. This nonprofit industrial arts school was founded and Berkeley and moved to Oakland. Since 2003, The Crucible has been deadest on engaging the nearby community in the arts. In addition to parks and art centers in the nearby area, you can check the events page and follow The Crucible on twitter for events and activities. Hungry? Head to Brown Sugar Kitchen for some tasty waffles. Love art galleries? Check out for a list of exhibitions!
East Bay Winery Bike Tours (@EBWBikeTours) – California is synonymous with great wine, and now you don’t need to drive out to the valleys to do some tasting. Park the car, hop on a bike and enjoy fun and original take on a wine tasting tour. Not sold yet? Head to and watch the video to see if this looks like something you would enjoy!
Have any more tips? We would love to hear them! 

The Parks at LAX Airport

Friday, 7 September 2012 02:04 by Mandy

Attention LAX travelers, Airport Parking Connection has another recommendation for your parking needs when flying out of busy LAX. This week’s suggestion is a double header, LAX Park Place and The Park at LAX are two local LAX airport offsite parking garages that have been in business for 30 years providing travelers with exceptional customer service, covered and uncovered valet/self parking options and affordable rates for both long term and short term stays making either one an ideal choice for whatever your needs are. Both of these locations offer free shuttle and luggage assistance to and from the airport that operate 24/7 year round so you don’t need to worry about searching for parking and hauling your luggage through busy Lot C at the airport. Though these are two separate locations their processes are similar to one another and are simple enough to follow:


  1. ·         First, go online to AirportParkingConnection to make your parking reservation at either LAX Park Place or The Park at LAX (make sure you print out the confirmation email with your reservation details and keep it handy until after you've returned from your trip and have exited the garage).
  2. ·         Pull into the garage that you made your reservation with and check in with the lot attendant for instructions and your claim ticket (you’ll need to present the attendant with your confirmation receipt).
  3. ·          Then hop onto a shuttle over to your terminal at the airport and you’re on your way.
  4. ·         When you return from your trip make sure to keep your claim ticket handy so you can call the shuttle service number on the back to come pick you up when you exit your flight.
  5. ·         20 minutes later you’re back at the parking garage ready to go home.


Both locations are close to the airport and accessible from the 105 and 405 freeways. LAX Park Place is located at 11333 La Cienega Blvd. LosAngeles, CA 90045(for directions click on the address) across the street from Lot B at the airport, and the phone number you want to call when you return and need to get picked up is 1(800) 606-7275. The Park at LAX is located at 11220 Hindry Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90045 (for directions click on the address), and their phone number is1(888) 910-7275. It’s usually better to plan on arriving at either one of these location 20 minutes before you want to arrive at your terminal to allow for ample time to fill out any necessary paperwork and load luggage onto the shuttle. Also, for the best rates be sure to book as much in advance as possible with Airport Parking Happy and safe travels LAX parkers!