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Top 5 Ways to Save Money at the Cleveland Airport

Monday, 13 February 2012 01:55 by Mandy

If you are planning a vacation this year leaving Cleveland International Airport, chances are you want to save as much money as you can so that you can take a longer, more relaxing trip. When you plot out your budget, one secret spot that can take up a lot of your cash that you may forget to include is the airport and parking. Even after you pay for your ticket, there can be a number of areas in the airport where you can end up paying out a bunch of extra cash, challenging your vacation budget. If you want to travel frugally (and who doesn’t?), use these top 5 ways to save money at the airport.

  1. Pack your own munchies.

Instead of spending your vacation food budget on snacks at the airport, bring your own. Many of the food vendors inside of the concourse charge double and even triple the market price for food items, so it is wise to already have your own. Stop by the grocery store on the way to the airport and stock up on pretzels, chips, granola bars and nuts so that you can stay satisfied and save more of your money.

  1. Bring reading material from home.

Instead of spending $20-$50 at the airport bookstore to stock up on books and magazines, bring some from home. There is no need to blow your travel budget on these items, especially when you can go to the library ahead of time and get these items there for free. You can also borrow books and magazines from friends and family easily as well.

  1. Skip the taxi ride to the airport.

Many people think it will be cheaper to take a taxi or limousine to the airport than it will be to pay for long term cleveland airport parking. Unless you plan to spend two months on vacation, this is not the case. You can park in long term parking usually for less than $10 a day, which is cheaper than a taxi ride from home and back. You can park at America's Best Value Inn with an airport parking reservation on Airport Parking Connection, and have a free shuttle ride to and from the Cleveland Airport.  You can also get a ride with friends to save even more money.

  1. Bring an empty water bottle.

Instead of shelling out for expensive bottled water at the airport, bring your own water bottle. You can buy an affordable one at the drugstore that has a tiny filter inside and then you can fill it with water from the water fountain at the airport. This way, you have the hydration that you need, but you do not have to spend $5 on bottled water at the airport.

  1. Cut down on baggage.

Try to pack as lightly as possible, as many airlines now charge you for each bag that you check with them. You can only bring a carry-on, or you can bring one larger bag that you and your traveling companion can both put stuff in. You can then split the checked bag fee, saving you both money and hassle.

You do not have to blow your traveling budget at the Cleveland International Airport, as long as you follow the frugal traveling tips listed above.