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MGM - Airport Park & Go

Friday, 8 October 2010 01:46 by Mandy
Good News!  APC is proud to offer a brand new location on the website for parkers looking to fly out of Montgomery, Alabama.  Airport Park & Go is located only 4 blocks away from MGM airport.  The facility is secure, fenced,  and lighted.  It has a large lobby area with  restrooms.  As an added feature, they provide valet service and auto detail for your convenience.  Check out the new location!


APC - JFK Long Term Parking

Wednesday, 6 October 2010 02:36 by Mandy

A new location at JFK airport has been added to the website.  Check out the new facility called JFK Long Term Parking.  Located only 3 miles from the airport, JFK Long Term Parking offers a rate $6 Per Day lower than parking in the JFK Airport Facility, discounted parking, 5 hour grace period, free on demand valet service, open 24 hours, and is safe and secure.  The holidays are coming up and it is a great time to reserve your parking today!

DoT Rulings Keep Your Tarmac Delay to a Minimum

Friday, 24 September 2010 01:17 by Mandy

Have you ever been stuck on a plane that has been groundedon the tarmac?  If so, you likelyunderstand how exceptionally frustrating it can be to be stuck inside a planewith dozens or even hundreds of people who are missing meetings, family events,and work and who are getting more frustrated by the minute.  Studies show that in the past decade therehave been numerous flights where passengers have been left inside of planesjust sitting on the tarmac for ridiculous amounts of time.  Passenger rights groups and citizensthemselves have finally had enough, and as of April 2010, the Department ofTransportation finally had as well.


The final straw was likely the ExpressJet flight back in2009 that left a plane filled with passengers literally sitting on the tarmacovernight.  Rather than simply cancellingthe flight, which was to a destination not very far away, the airlineessentially trapped passengers within the plane.  Even Congress agreed that there was no needto leave passengers sitting in a plane with limited facilities and no food forso long, and they ended up charging the airline $175,000.  To prevent such events from occurring again,the fee is now $27,000 per seat if the plane sits on the tarmac for more thanthree hours due to a delay.


While many airlines complain that this ruling will result inmore cancelled flights, passengers and activists alike seem more than satisfiedwith the idea.  When a flight iscancelled and a refund issued, passengers are free to make alternativearrangements.  Whether this means bookingground transit or simply renting a hotel room for the night, the ability tohave options is something that passengers certainly deserve and need.  Passengers who have been treated well and whohave been given options are much more likely to stick with the same airlinethan those who have been forced to spend the night in a crowded plane.


Studies show that a significant percentage of passengersreally prefer a cancelled flight to the possibility of being grounded untilweather clears up.  While a small stormmay only delay a flight by a few hours, a major even could create a delay thatlasts for days.  Offering passengers analternative after only a few hours is certainly an improvement over the choices(or lack thereof) provided by most airlines up until now.


In all, the new ruling is certain to have many benefits forpassengers.  Even though it is beingperceived as a headache by many airlines, the truth is that it is much morelikely to help create brand loyalty. Nobody wants to feel like they are being forced to do something,especially when that something is sitting on a crowded plane or being forced toremain at the terminal until (and if) weather or other issues cease.  Passengers today are looking for convenienceand are finding it everywhere from parking reservations to free Wi-Fi.  It’s about time airlines were forced toensure that convenience is still offered even after tickets are purchased ifproper services cannot be provided.


Few Fliers Today Are Even Aware of Bereavement Fares

Tuesday, 7 September 2010 02:42 by Mandy

Losing a close family member is something that few peopleever want to have to think about, yet it is something that is certainly aninevitability in life.  In truth, thereis no real way to avoid it, provided you live a long and healthy life.  Losing a loved one is one of the hardestthings that we will ever have to endure, and knowing that there are peoplewilling to offer comfort and assistance during such times can be a greatasset.  With this said, it oftensurprises me to realize how few people know about the existence of bereavementfares in such times.


For those who have recently lost a close loved one, there isoften a sense of panic accompanying the grief that occurs at such a time.  When the loved one lived out of town or outof state, driving home is not always an option. Because death is one thing that we are rarely given advance notice of ortime to prepare for, many people also find themselves in a bit of a financialcrisis when trying to gather the money required to take an emergency flighthome for a funeral and to be with loved ones.


This sense of panic and the threat of being unable to gohome for the loss of a loved one is what led to the creation of bereavementfares.  Years ago, in an attempt to showcustomers that they are indeed compassionate when it comes to such things,airlines developed the bereavement fare. Essentially, this is a low cost ticket purchase option available only toindividuals and families who have recently lost a loved one.  There is certainly some paperwork andinformation that you will be required to provide, but nothing too difficult tomake it worthwhile.


Bereavement fares used to be common knowledge, but in aworld filled with discount travel services, they have been pushed to the backburner.  This doesn’t mean that they nolonger exist, however.  In fact, many oftoday’s leading airlines offer discounts ranging from five to twenty percentoff of your ticket in such circumstances, depending on your destination.  Bereavement fares can be within the countryor international, and you will find that you have to call the airline directlyto get more information and to find out how to secure a ticket that offers thediscount.  It may seem like anoverwhelming task at such a time, but for many it can mean the differencebetween being able to go home and not being able to do so.


It is important to note that discount airlines do not offerthese tickets, as they already offer low cost flights.  With that said, however, many large airlinescan offer rates for bereaved family members that rival discount flightprices.  When an airline offers theflight you need as well as the arrival timeframe that you are looking for, takethe time to call and ask about bereavement rates.  You just might find that it is the best wayfor you to get home to your loved ones without going broke to do so.


The Park at LAX

Friday, 3 September 2010 06:28 by Mandy

 If you are a frequent flyer out of LAX or just a recent flyer, you may have notice our new location called The Park at LAX.  

Here is what they offer:

  • Indoor Facility
  • Your vehicle is stored in a new, clean and well-lit facility
  • Convenient location open 24 / 7
  • Safe and Secure
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured with 24hr cameras
  • Professional Service Each Valet has a minimum of five years experience
  • Free 24-hour Shuttle Service every 15 mins all day, every day
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