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Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas

Tuesday, 8 March 2016 07:33 by Admin

Spring Break may still seem a little far but it is actually closer than you'd expect! 

For those who don't like to plan trips out, for the spontaneous souls, or for those who simply can't afford a luxurious trip, just yet. Here are some alternative ideas for your Spring Break:

Explore your city

Whether you're in Los Angeles or in Phoenix, you'll most likely find out that there are many areas where you haven't explored yet. For those of us that have been in the same city for years and still haven't been to the little coffee shop that everyone raves about or to the perfect spot to watch the sunset this is probably the best time to go out there and explore your city. Maybe you've been dying to try that new restaurant out and haven't been able to, this is your chance. 

Go outdoors

If you're feeling adventurous this is a great opportunity to see some natural beauty. Tell some of your friends to join you on a hike or go running by the beach for those of you who live by one. If you're feeling a little more adventurous than a hike I'm sure that no matter where you live there will be a campsite somewhere near you. Although, I do have to mention a weekend with Mother Nature might require a little more planning.  

Hit the Road

Many people take advantage of Spring Break to go somewhere they haven't been yet. If you're in the West Coast this might be a little easier for you. Plan a trip with your friends to go to the Grand Canyon and on your way there you might find pit stops of some pretty interesting places. If planned well and with a good amount of people (around 4 or 5)this trip does not need to be expensive, you will be sharing your expenses after all. And you'll be with great company, not to mention you will have pretty awesome photos to take back with you.



If you're still itching to get out of town don't fret! Travel sites like travelocity, Kayak, Priceline and more offer some pretty good deals that won't drain your pockets for spring break. These are especially good for those who are last minute planners. Check out their websites!

Raleigh-Durham Spring Break Travel

Thursday, 16 February 2012 07:43 by Mandy

Fellow Raleigh and Durham residents, in case you haven’t noticed spring break is right around the corner and Airport Parking Connection wants to let you know that an enjoyable sunny getaway doesn’t have to break your bank this year. A little planning ahead goes a long way when organizing vacation getaways, with all the great deals being offered on popular internet travel sites for hotels, airfare, and even Raleigh-Durham airport parking there are some amazing savings that can help make your spring break vacation an affordable reality.  

Raleigh-Durham services up to 400 flights daily including to some top spring break destinations such as: Cancun, Grand Bahama Island, Las Vegas, and Miami you’ll be sure to have plenty of satisfying locations to choose from. Not to mention, all the excellent options for dining and shopping make RDU a not so shabby airport to kick off your vacation celebrations from (who says you have to wait till take off to start).

With February coming to an end, the time to start planning your next spring break vacation is now.  Raleigh and Durham residents, start up on your research and don’t forget to stop by Airport Parking Connection to book all of your parking and shuttle needs at a discount. APC has partnered up with the Raleigh Durham Courtyard to provide you with close, convenient, and discounted airport parking along with free shuttle services to and from your airport terminal eliminating wasted time on parking and ultimately unnecessary stress. So don’t delay, get parked with Airport Parking Connection next time you’re flying out of RDU and save yourself time, money, and hassle!