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Travel Tips For Flying Out of Dayton International Airport

Friday, 10 February 2012 01:05 by Mandy

Are Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) and Port
Columbus International Airport (CMH) just not worth the hassle you
experience when trying to leave Southwest Ohio? If so, you will be happy to
hear there is a more convenient alternative out there that goes by the name
of Dayton International Airport (DAY). Situated between CVG and CMH in the
lower Southwest corner of Ohio, Dayton International is one of the top ten
fastest growing airports in the nation and is known as the “Nations top 90-
minute Air Market,” because more than 50% of the nations' airports can be
reached in 90-minutes or less by air travel from Dayton Airport.

If that wasn’t reason enough to make Dayton Int. your airport of choice for
departures out of Southwest Ohio then maybe this will help, Dayton Airport
services a larger variety of destinations than Columbus (CMH) and has much
more competitively priced airfares in comparison to Cincinnati/Northern
Kentucky (CVG) minus the hassle of all the long lines at baggage and
security check. Did we mention the FREE wifi access throughout the entire
airport?  Not to mention, Dayton Int. is no more than an hour drive from
both CVG and CMH airports and has amazingly reasonable parking venues that
are closely located to the Dayton Airport with FREE shuttle services to
drop you off at your terminals curbside.

Airport Parking Connection currently offers the ability to reserve a
parking spot ahead of time with such venues at discounted rates eliminating
the stress of searching for parking at the airport and then hauling your
luggage from your car to your terminal. WestWind Airport Valet and Dayton
Park-n-Go Airport Parking are two of Dayton County’s premier airport
parking and shuttle venues that both offer wonderful amenities on top of
their free shuttle services such as: assistance with loading and unloading
of luggage, options to have your car washed and/or detailed while you are
away, and the ability to call ahead once you have returned to Dayton so
that your car can be pulled up to an enclosed ramp for a fast and
convenient exit. So for all of you savvy travelers and aspiring savvy
travelers that want to save some time, money, and hassle log onto Airport
Parking Connection’s Dayton Airport page to reserve your parking and get
parked with Airport Parking Connection.

MCO Orlando Airport Parking Deal - $3.50/day at Red Coach by Jetway Parking

Thursday, 9 February 2012 06:55 by Mandy

There is a new location added to Airport Parking Connection in the Orlando MCO Airport area.  Red Coach by Jetway Parking has a new location only 2 miles from the airport featuring valet parking for only $3.50/day online.   "FREE SHUTTLE!! Open from 5am to Midnight. Conveniently located at 1777 McCoy Rd. Orlando, FL"  Don't over pay by parking at the Orlando's MCO International Airport.  Reserve and get a great deal without the hassle! 

Aeroparking Seattle Airport Parking Feature

Thursday, 9 February 2012 06:31 by Mandy

Airport Parking Connection has a new location featured at Seatac's Seattle International Airport to save you time, hassle, and money.  Aeroparking has much to offer Seattle-Tacoma area residents, "Our brand new Aeroparking lot is located right off of Pacific Highway South on 208th in SeaTac Washington. Aeroparking's friendly staff is on site 24 hours a day. Our lot is clean, well lit, completely enclosed and monitored 24/7 by a state of the art surveillance system."  Stop by and find out more details for your next Seattle airport parking stay!

Airport Parking Travel Deal for Hartford's Bradley Airport

Thursday, 9 February 2012 05:54 by Mandy

Trying to find parking at Bradley International Airport can be a hassle.  From the time you start packing to the time you return, your trip will be filled all sorts of unknowns.  With EconoLodge Inn & Suites, you no longer have to search for parking at the airport now on Airport Parking Connection.  Located 1 mile for the BDL Airport, a hassle free experience awaits you, not to mention a discounted rate online.  Stop by and check out all the details of Bradley Airport Parking in Hartford, Connecticut on Airport Parking Connection.  Happy Travels!

Plan Ahead to Make Your Flight Brighter

Tuesday, 7 February 2012 06:39 by Mandy

Traveling all over the country (and even the world) can be pretty stressful these days.  From the flight, airport parking, security checking, and paying baggage fees, it all seems daunting.   Planning as much of your trip ahead of time is necessary if you want to have a smooth and stress free time.

For Travelers

If you are going to a tropical destination for a holiday, traveling for Spring Break 2012, or will be visiting friends or family somewhere, make your travel plans well in advance. If you forgot to book your flight 60-90 days prior to the holiday, you are not completely out of luck. Many airlines still have open seats a few weeks before the holiday and you may even get a big discount at this point. You can shop for the best flight deals online, which will enable you to save the most money possible.

If you will be renting a car to drive to your destination, or if you will rent one once you have landed after your flight, make these arrangements well in advance. The rental car companies will raise their prices closer to the date, so if you want to save money you need to plan ahead of time.

If you will be driving yourself to the airport such as Burbank Bob Hope Airport or Baltimore Washington International Airport, and then flying to your destination, ensure that you have planned out how and where you will park. Many people have missed their flights in the past because they did not leave enough time to find a parking spot and ended up having to park too far from the terminal to make their flight. Allow for at least half an hour to an hour (depending on how big the airport is) to get your car parked and to get to the terminal. If you want to cut down on that time, you can choose valet parking. Many people do not even realize that this option is available to them. It will help you to save quite a lot of time.

You can also choose to reserve your parking online with Airport Parking Connection, which is an excellent way to save time as well, because you do not have to search for a spot.  You can reserve with SouthWest Parking or VSP Parking out of BUR airport, and EconoPark Express or ValetPark Express out of BWI airport.  Reserve and print out your parking voucher and other travel itineraries and be on your way!

Don't forget to stay up to date with the status of your flight as airline travel is always changing with the weather and delays.  Check out and keep up with your flight status.  

Whether you are traveling to see your friends and family, planning ahead can help make your holiday trip smoother and easier.