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APC Welcomes Valet Connections/Comfort Inn of Detroit DTW Airport!

Thursday, 13 January 2011 06:34 by Mandy

As of Friday, January 14th, APC has expanded to a new airport!  If you are flying out of the Detroit Metro Airport(DTW), you can now find and reserve airport parking for Valet Connections/Comfort Inn.  Valet Connections has many services to offer!  You can find a low rate of only $6.50/day, free shuttles run every hour and 1/2 hour, and open 24 hrs.  Check out their new listing and use code "TWITTER" for an additional 10% off!  Save yourself, time, money, and stress!  Book online now!

San Park Pacific Highway! New to APC!

Monday, 10 January 2011 06:35 by Mandy

Hello again all APC Parkers!  As the new year is underway we are continuing to grow with new locations, airports, and features.  For all those searching for San Diego Airport Parking, look no further!  Airport Parking Connection has a new facility listed, San Park Pacific Highway.  Located only 2.5 mi away from San Diego International AirportSan Park is open 24 hrs a day for self parking options and will only cost you $10.00 currently a day.  Check out this new location, and use promo code "TWITTER" to save an additional 10% off!


New Location! APC Welcomes Days Inn of DFW!

Friday, 7 January 2011 07:42 by Mandy

APC Parkers!  You can find a new facility listed today on APC!  Days Inn of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is now taking online parking reservations!  You will find some really great features under the Free Shuttle/Directions/More Info link.  

The Days Inn of DFW is "Safe, Reliable and Convenient. We are located approximately 1.5 miles from the DFW airport, right on Hwy 114 (W John Carpenter Fwy). Open 24 hrs 7 days a week. Free shuttle service included. Shuttle Schedule: 4:10am, 4:50am, 5:30am, 6:10am, 6:40am, 7:30am, 8:10am, 9:10am, 9:30am. Every 30min thereafter (24Hrs)."  And the best part..."Discounted room rates are available by request."  

Don't forget to check out Days Inn of DFW today!  Use code - "TWITTER" to save an additional 10% off!




The Low Down On Full Body Scanners

Monday, 3 January 2011 05:16 by Mandy
Flying on an airplane is no longer just a way to get from where you are to where you want to be. Now, it's a hot-button topic of scrutiny all across the United States. In 2001, our world changed dramatically, and today we are seeing the implications of that change. No longer can an airline passenger just walk through the airport and walk through the terminal. Now there are all sorts of rules and regulations for passengers. The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is working hard to determine ways to keep all passengers safe. From full-body pat-downs to full-body scanners, improvements to airline security have been all over the news. A pat-down is pretty self-explanatory, but if you're not sure what all the full-body scanner fuss is about, sit tight, and get ready to learn what these scanners do.
First of all, there are two types of scanners. There's the millimeter wave scanner and the backscatter scanner. In both scanners, passengers step into the middle of the scanning device and wait, while the device collects a scan of the body. Then the scanner transmits an image to the person working. If nothing out of the ordinary is found on the passenger, the agent will allow the person to go, and the image that was created will be erased. If something suspicious does happen to be found in the scan, the officer will ask the passenger to remove the object, and he or she can even be scanned again.
What does the image look like? The image that is produced in the scan looks more like a naked body, with an obscured face, no skin, and a chalky appearance. Although the image is erased, many people are in an uproar with privacy concerns. Before determining how you feel about the scan, it's important to know the pros and cons...
The good news about the scanners is that they can and will detect dangerous things that are not supposed to be on an airplane. They can detect anything such as liquid bombs, ceramic knives, or drugs. Both the millimeter wave and backscatter scanners can detect the aforementioned things. When a scanner finds these items, it keeps passengers everywhere safe.
Those who oppose the scanners, however, feel that there should be other ways to find dangerous weapons. These opponents feel that the scanners simply reveal way too much. Just one look at the images from a scan will show you that these scanners do reveal quite a bit. Like it or not, someone behind that scanner is going to see what you have going on "down under." On the upside, those images do get erased.
Whether you support the airport scanning devices or not, it is important to be aware of both sides of the issue. It’s especially important to be informed because sooner or later, you might come into contact with one of the devices. If you do not want to be scanned, you do have the option of a full-body pat-down.
Don't wait for the last minute to think "Where am I going to park?".  Go online to airport parking connection and find a facility that meets your needs.  Enter your dates and times, select, then pay for your parking online!  Print your voucher and bring to your parking spot.  You can find us all across the U.S., from LAX parkingJFK parkingLaGuardia airport parkingNewark airport parkingMidway Airport ParkingO'Hare parking, to SFO parking!  Never be caught without a parking spot again! 

Airport Parking Connection Customer Service Hours

Thursday, 30 December 2010 06:37 by Mandy
Just a quick note to all APC Parkers!  
Airport Parking Connection's Customer Service will be CLOSED on New Years Eve! 
 We will reopen with our regular hours on Monday at 10am PST!  
For any questions or help, please email us at!  Happy New Year!