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Best Travel Websites of 2012 – Airport Parking Connection

Thursday, 13 December 2012 03:31 by Admin

Here at Airport Parking Connection, we pride ourselves on being able to find you the best deals on airport parking across the country. We are also keeping a keen eye on the travel industry, constantly keeping tabs on the movers and the shakers in the business. As the end of the year approaches, we’ve compiled a list of the best travel websites of 2012. These are the companies that we feel are genuine in their business models and progressive in their means of delivering outstanding travel services.

Trip Advisor – Trip Advisor syncs with your Facebook page as soon as you enter to provide you with real time updates of all the travels and reviews that your friends have posted. Search for any city and find real reviews from real people for everything from the cheapest hotel deals to the best local hole in the wall eateries in town.

Lonely planet – Do you know that you want to travel, but don’t know where to go quite yet? The Lonely Planet is a great place to start your research. Seasonal blog posts, stories, and adventure ideas give you the best ways to travel depending on your budget and time frame.

Virtual Tourist – Get the best insights from the locals through by using Virtual Tourist. One the largest travel markets, New York City, has over 7,000 local members who live in the city providing almost 20,000 tips of the best food, lodging, and entertainment.

Pinterest – Yes, seriously. Forget what you heard about what, and who is supposed to go on Pinterest and take a look. This is one of the best sites for travel ideas. Why? The travel images posted aren’t sponsored and the community is absolutely massive. The users simply post their favorite travel locations and the cream rises to the top. Still not a believer? Head over to Pinterest, click the “Travel” category, and start browsing – you’ll have a Pinboard full of travel ideas before you know it!

Air BNB – Young, single, and looking to meet new people? No, this isn’t a creepy dating site. Air BNB is a worldwide community of people willing to put your up in the guest room of their apartment or home, or rent the entire room or apartment to you for much cheaper than any hotel. We highly recommend this for any classic Euro-backpacking-trip you embark upon. With a community rating system that lets you know exactly what you’re getting into, it’s one of the best ways to travel cheap!

Travel and Leisure – Professionally written, engaging, and frequently updated travel articles can be found on Travel and Leisure. A polished, aesthetically pleasing resource for travel ideas and destinations.

Airfare Watchdog – Looking to fly at the drop of a deal? Head to Airfare Watchdog when you’re looking to fly cheap. This is an amazing site for spontaneous weekend endeavors. As of the moment of this blog posting, I could book a flight from San Diego to Portland for $40 round-trip! The site also allows you to set alerts for deals flying to locations of your choosing – a great money-saving resource.

StumbleUpon – Stumble is still a great choice for finding interesting articles and photographs, regardless of the topic. Link with your social media pages to save your favorite stumblings. If you want to dodge the agendas of the major travel sites, head over to StumbleUpon for the best of the web, wherever it may be. You’ll never know what will come up next!

TravelPod – With 64,439 travel experiences shared on TravelPod this week alone, there is no arguing that this is a massive community of travel bloggers. Browse by location or author to read the best adventures and how to plan for your own travels. After you trip is over, blog your own experience and share it on the site!

Yapta – Always wondering what the best day to book your flight is? Worried that the difference in booking on a certain day could potentially be hundreds of dollars? Yapta’s M.O. is to save you money by tracking changing flight prices before and after you buy your airline tickets. After you book, simply enter your information into the Yapta system and they will send you alerts with price changes so you can fly for less, even if you book for more.

Thanksgiving Travel Recipe: The Ingredients for a Memorable Holiday with Your Family

Thursday, 8 November 2012 02:35 by Mandy
Thanksgiving is consistently vying for the top spot on our list of favorite holidays. The joy of sharing the company of loved ones, the cozy setting of colored leaves, cold weather, warm cider, and of course – all of that delicious food – makes this holiday weekend one of the most enjoyable for everyone in the country. Whether you’re braving the elements for a massive, boisterous, turkey-laden event, or simply sharing the company of one or two close friends, we know how important this time of year is to you. For this week’s blog, we have the recipe for making sure travel complications don’t interfere with making a lasting Thanksgiving memory.
Start with one scoop of foresight. Remember, you’re travelling with your family. You can’t be George Clooney’s character in Up in the Air and cruise through check-in and security with record-setting efficiency. We know when it comes to travel, we know you’re a pro. However, this time you’ll have a few in tow that are still amateurs. Give yourself a bit more time then you normally would and add half an hour to every travel checkpoint (airport parking, check-in, security, arrival at the gate) because there are bathroom breaks and untied shoelaces that cannot be accounted for. 
Mix in a pinch of preparation. Take as many variables out of the travel equation as you can. After the kids are asleep, jump online and make a parking reservation. Websites like Airport Parking Connection give you the peace of mind of knowing where and when you’ll be parking. This will allow you to better account for time waiting and riding on the shuttle, if need be.  It takes only 3 clicks and will save you a lot more than 3 grey hairs.
Relax and let simmer for the duration of the journey. Remember this: we’re all in the same boat (or plane, or car). Everyone is going through the same travel stresses you are. Some things will always be out of your control. You can add all the right ingredients to the holiday meal, but on the day of the trip, there is always the possibility that the oven won’t even be working. Take a breath. Laugh it off and think about how great the story will be as you tell your relatives over a large mug of spiced cider. You've always found a way to make it work, and this year will be no different. 
When things start to boil over, remember how excited you were around this time of year when you were younger. You’ll realize that the company of your loved ones, either on the journey or at the destination, is what truly makes this time of year so special. Happy Thanksgiving!
Parking reservations can be made at

Saving and Budgeting for Your Next Vacation

Tuesday, 2 October 2012 02:01 by Mandy

Many families today are on a tight budget, and they might believe that the idea of a vacation is out the window. It doesn’t have to be that way. What you might want to do if you do not have as much money for your vacations is find ways that you can budget and save leading up to the vacation so it isn’t such a financial burden all at once. The following are some tips that might be able to help some families get to the point where they can still take their vacation when the time comes.

Cull the Number of Vacations

How often do you and the family take vacations each year, and how long are those vacations? Some families will take two to three vacations a year. Others will go on one long holiday for two to three weeks. It might not be practical to do this for people who are on a budget. You have to be able to get back to work, and you have to make sure that you will have enough money to pay for the vacation. Instead of taking an extra long vacation or taking several vacations a year, you may want to take just a single vacation. Doing this will still let you have the time you need to relax, unwind, and enjoy your family, but it should not break the bank.

Save Each Week

One of the mistakes that many families make and that they pay for throughout the year is that they simply put their entire vacation on their credit cards. Even if you have a low interest rate, you are still going to be paying interest on your vacation. This means that in reality, the vacation is costing more than you thought it would, and you are probably going to be paying on it all the way until your next vacation when you can just add more debt to your credit card.

Something that you might want to do instead is offset the amount that you are spending on credit by using cash for some of your vacation needs. For example, if you put away just $20 per week, and your significant other did the same, you would have $160 per week saved or $1920 per year if taking an annual vacation. This means that you could put that money that you save toward your vacation and pay for things such as the airfare, the hotel, or the meals. That’s with just $20 per week! If you saved a bit more and cut back on some of the things that you really do not need, then you could probably pay for just about your entire vacation.

Think Practically

When you are planning your vacation, think practically. You can save some money by finding places to stay that have their own kitchens. Eat some of your meals at the hotel or in the cottage so that you do not have to spend money eating out. Little things like this can make a vacation far more affordable.


Comic Con 2012 Comes to San Diego

Thursday, 28 June 2012 02:33 by Mandy

If you haven't reserved your airport parking with Airport Parking Connection online for this year's Comic-Con opening in San Diego, CA in just a couple of weeks, you better get started!  This highly anticipated annual event will have most airport parking lots filled to the brim with excited visitors and comic book heroes alike.  

Once you arrive in San Diego, you will notice that most of the downtown parking will be locked up and most likely have to walk many blocks to reach the pavilion.  If you are travel savvy, many hotel locations around the San Diego International Airport and downtown Hotels will have shuttle buses driving visitors to and from the pavilion.  You can reserve parking with Airport Parking Connection online for a day of parking at any one of our partnered parking facilities.  If you are staying in a hotel, there is no need to reserve parking online.  There are no in and out privilages allowed by most hotels and parking will be included in your stay.  

You can also search online for available parking vendors for groups like Ace Parking, 5 Star Parking, and more!  Plan ahead and enjoy Comic-Con 2012!  As always, Happy Travels!

Travel Industry Service and Hidden Fees Taking Over

Monday, 14 May 2012 02:48 by Mandy

If you have done any traveling in the recent months or even year, you should be familiar with extra fees taking over the travel industry nearly everywhere you turn.  From the moment you begin to plan your vacation, you are embarking on a service fee nightmare.  Your airline will charge you extra fees if your check in luggage is overweight, if you want to check an extra bag, a carry on bag with some airlines, not to mention any extras you may want on the actual flight like say a stiff drink to cope from all that stress just to get on your plane.  

Your hotel may have a resort fee of up to $25.00 and they charge you for parking even if your car doesn't stay in their lot on top of  the website you reserved your stay with. That is after you have scoured the internet for the best deal you can find.   The "extra" cash you are handing out is starting to add up!  And what about your airport parking?  Airport Parking is expensive enough without having to pay extra to get a "discount".

 Why would you pay a service fee just to get a discount?  Take the top airport parking reservation websites for example...

By the time you return home from you trip, the hotel, airline, airport parking, any restaurants, or actual fun activities on your trip may have just sent your vacation budget out the window.  Don't spend your extra money on "service fees", keep your money for your actual vacation.  Reserve your airport parking on Airport Parking Connection and never pay a service fee again!