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Hybrid Vehicle Drivers Enjoy Preferred Parking at Midway and other Airports

Monday, 26 April 2010 04:47 by Jon

Hybrid vehicle drivers know all about the advantages of driving "green" cars.  These vehicles combine the best of regular cars with the best of electric cars. Hybrid cars have lower toxic emissions and better fuel economy. Owners save a considerable amount on fuel costs long term. These vehicles are safe, reliable and comfortable, and today there are even tax benefits for buying a hybrid car.

Today there's one more advantage of driving a hybrid to consider – preferred parking! Chicago's Midway airport offers preferred parking for hybrid vehicles. This makes parking at Midway much more convenient, and hybrid drivers are practically guaranteed a good parking space.

You can easily find and download a map detailing Preferred Parking spaces for hybrid vehicles at Midway. There are 6 spaces located in Employee Parking lot B, and 1 space designated in Employee Parking lot A.

Midway's Orange Economy Parking Lot offers 14 hybrid vehicle spaces. This is a great choice for hybrid drivers who prefer economy long-term parking. There are also 13 hybrid car spaces in the Terminal Parking Garage.

The Red Economy Parking Lot at Midway has 11 hybrid spaces available, while the Yellow Economy Lot has 3 spaces. The Terminal Parking Garage spots are the most convenient spaces as they are closest to the Terminal. The Yellow Lot and Red Lot options are the next in proximity to the Terminal respectively. The Orange Lot and Employee Lots are the farthest away.

Preferred parking spaces for hybrid vehicles at Chicago Midway International Airport are designated by the green leaf symbol. These spaces are located close to elevator lobbies in parking garages or near Shuttle Bus Stops in surface lots.

Midway airport is one among many airports across the nation that now offer preferred parking as a type of reward or incentive for drivers who go green with hybrid cars.

Some airports such as Boston's Logan International Airport not only offer preferred hybrid parking, but grant preferred parking privileges to clean fuel vehicle taxis. Clean fuel taxis get head-of-line privileges at the airport's taxi stand.

This is a big incentive for taxi companies that serve the airport, as it equates to more time on the road, less time in the taxi queue and subsequently, more earnings in fares. Not only do green taxi companies save on the cost of fuel, they're able to earn more on airport transfers in the process.

If you happen to drive a hydrogen vehicle and you're traveling out of a Los Angeles airport, you may be able to take advantage of the public access hydrogen fueling station at LAX. This BP station serves not only the fleet of hydrogen vehicles owned by Los Angeles World Airports and operated at LAX, but the growing number of owners in the community driving cars powered by hydrogen.

Promoting and supporting hybrid vehicle use is just one aspect of eco-friendly trends that are becoming popular with airports around the world. Airports can do little to reduce the emissions produced by airplanes, but they seem eager to support the reduction of ground level emissions through the use of clean energy cars.